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Client had staining on the bedroom ceilings due to a possible roof or chimney leak. The room was damp and would become worse as we entered into the winter period.

We advised to carry out the following to eliminate any future water ingress.

Erect pole and clip scaffold so we could work safely. We use one of the north wests best scaffold contractors Mitchells Scaffolding for peace of mind that the scaffold is safe and the men erecting are conscientious to us and our client.

Once scaffold is erected the roof is inspected in more detail by an experienced person to assess the roof and Chimney for defects.

We grinded out old mortar and re-pointed the chimney.

Replaced all the existing lead flashings with new.

Replaced 10 slates and re bedded the ridge tiles on sand and cement.

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We also advised to apply a one coat water repellent to the masonry, due to the minimal cost of application against the cost to erect a scaffold.

5 completed finished repointed flashing